Essnova has won multiple contract vehicles, including agency-specific and government-wide federal, state, and local contracts, to serve our customers better and streamline the procurement process of the State & Local government and educational institutions. You may quickly and easily obtain the answers you require with the vast range of schedules, contracts, and purchase agreements offered by Essnova.

IT Solutions for State & Local Governments

Finding the correct state and local IT solutions can be difficult, as there are many factors to consider, such as the importance of cybersecurity and public safety and the need to modernize data infrastructures and prepare for the future. With more than two decades of experience servicing state and municipal governments, Essnova can assist you in implementing the appropriate technological solutions to satisfy your agency’s mission objectives. Your agency’s IT issues can be overcome with our aid, and we can help you prepare for the challenges of the future as well. Contact us to get solutions that meet your government’s needs. Essnova will help you strategize and plan an IT roadmap to modernize and future-proof your agency through cloud and data center infrastructure and public safety solutions, so you don’t have to wait.

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You can use cloud services to scale resources faster, secure sensitive data, and reduce costs through subscription-style pricing. With Essnova, you can customize cloud services according to your agency's needs.


Many threats, such as malware and ransomware, breaches, and persistent attacks, can severely impact your agency. Having your reputation damaged, your finances lost, and your business could be adversely affected by these attacks. Local and state governments can’t afford to face these dangers unprotected. We get that you need a holistic cybersecurity plan to protect your data in the face of new and evolving digital threats.

Data center

With data center modernization, we can support data distribution, management, and advanced analytics to enhance state and local operations. ESSNOVA helps you create and manage future-proof solutions.

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IT Solutions for Educational Institutions

In today’s classrooms, students are at the center of their learning and are supported by various learning activities. The correct classroom technology and layout may engage your pupils and enable more outstanding educational outcomes. Contact Essnova now to learn more. We at Essnova understand the ins and outs of classroom technology. We provide the tools you need to create an environment conducive to active learning, engagement, and inspiration.


A secure network and wireless infrastructure backbone are required to support effective classroom transformation — low bandwidth, a lack of Wi-Fi access points, or an aging data center will not suffice for one-to-one device programs. For cloud security or remote access crypto mining schemes, Essnova offers the know-how to protect against today's most advanced cyber threats. With the help of Essnova solution architects and our exclusive network of technology partners, you can protect critical endpoints, obtain network insight, and achieve genuine network segmentation.

Network & Wireless Infrastructure

Essnova can help you solve your network problems with proper budgetary and physical planning and establish relationships with Cisco,  Aruba, and others. We understand IT, whether you need the best switches, new routers, or more bandwidth.

Next-Generation Data Centers

On-premise or in the cloud, make sure your infrastructure is capable of supporting your school's requirements. When it comes to data centers, Essnova can help you find the best solution for your needs, whether you're looking for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), a software-defined data center (SDDC), or cloud services from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.