Sri Gutti with Essnova Solutions

Essnova Awarded USDA Small Disadvantaged Contractor of the Year for Fiscal Year 2022

BIRMINGHAM, AL – DATE: Essnova, a leading industry expert in professional and technical services, has been distinguished as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Small Disadvantaged Contractor of the Year for fiscal year 2022. This prominent accolade reflects Essnova’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services, demonstrating agility in mission-critical moments, and consistently upholding an elevated standard of customer care.


“It’s not just an award; it’s a testimony to our relationship with the USDA and our shared dedication to excellence,” said Sri Gutti, CEO of Essnova. ” Our relationship with USDA goes beyond contracts and projects; it’s built on mutual trust and shared values. From the beginning, even when we didn’t have a single contract to our name, the USDA believed in our vision. Being recognized with this award is a testament to our collective commitment to innovation, agility, and exceptional service. It’s an honor to work alongside partners like the USDA who value and champion the potential of Small Disadvantaged businesses.”


Gutti is particularly grateful to several contributors at USDA, namely George Sears as well as the contracting and programming offices and the small business specialists. “The USDA’s unyielding support and guidance has been invaluable,” said Gutti.


This award signifies more than a recognition; it sets the stage for Essnova’s intensified strategic partnerships with the USDA, broadening and strengthening connections in the government contracting and procurement domain. As a recipient of this esteemed honor, Essnova is not only positioned to celebrate its present achievements but to catalyze future collaborations and growth opportunities within the USDA ecosystem.


“Nothing is impossible when you’re passionate about problem solving and innovation. Succeeding in business, especially in the government sector, is akin to a game of chess. One has to think multiple steps ahead and lay a robust foundation for what’s next. This award is our springboard into a promising future, and we’re incredibly humbled and inspired by it,” added Gutti.


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