LIDAR data for fun and games

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LIDAR data for fun and games

Most governments (at all levels: municipality, region, county, district, state, federal, etc.) have some form of open or publicly accessible data.  The United Kingdom has made new data available at the request of gamers.

“The aim is to help organisations, businesses, and individuals to do everything from manage forests, discover hidden archaeological features, and even create virtual reality worlds for gaming.”

Some of the data has been available for a couple years, but this month they took a significant step and made available a massive 11 terabyte dataset.  The dataset is available for free through their online portal.

The UK’s Environment Agency states that their hope is that this data serves as a catalyst for new leads and innovation.

Minecraft players have requested our LIDAR data to help them build virtual worlds, the data could be useful to anyone creating realistic 3D worlds.”

Minecraft projects might be a new achievement to list on the resumes and CVs for Geospatial Professionals!