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A Message from our Founder & President
Welcome to Essnova! Whether you are our customer or prospect; potential employee or an intern or anyone else, we are glad that you are taking time to explore our website, learn about our capabilities and find what makes us different and better. Started in 2005, as a technology-oriented firm with the primary goal of serving Utility customers worldwide with their enterprise GIS systems, Essnova has since grown significantly across multiple sectors and industries. Launching our federal business unit 2015 helped us accelerate our growth, diversify capabilities – we are blessed to continue serving the United States government and Citizens in various capacities. Essnova’s customer foot print spans 20 states, across 12 different agencies. Our commercial business continues to grow beyond utilities GIS. Essnova offers a highly capable management team, delivering mature management services as demonstrated by our Federal and commercial past performance. We utilize ISO-registered commercial best practices to deliver highly efficient and responsive solutions. Our team works diligently to ensure that we continue to be the best small business in our customers’ vendor portfolio.

As a small business, we run lean operations providing highly effective, cost efficient solutions to our customers. Our highly capable employees are our ornerstone to our continued success. To our employees, we offer excellent work environment, and opportunities for tremendous career growth. Throughout our business journey, we continue to remain grounded in our core values: Customers First, Integrity, Innovation and Value. We take no relationships or customers for granted and continue to work diligently to earn trust and business by being a highly responsible and responsive partner. Call or email us to learn more about us and thank you for visiting.

Sri Gutti, MBA
Founder and President,
Essnova Solutions, Inc.